‘High Birds In May’
The Whitfield Annual Clay Shoot

Whitfield is renowned for some of the finest game shooting in the UK. With the steep sided and perfectly wooded valley below and the moor enveloping the higher reaches of the estate the pheasants and partridges are famously challenging and the grouse awesome.

It’s appropriate that one of the greatest sporting estates should also offer a Clay Shoot that almost matches the excitement of a big day at Whitfield in the season. Fast, furious and frantic; the action is set in beautiful parkland offering high pheasants, grouse, snipe, teal, rabbit, partridge, wildfowl and pigeon stands.

For the game shot this is the perfect close season challenge and for the clay expert, Whitfield Annual Clay Shoot is something completely different.

Unsurprisingly it is a popular event and so early booking of teams is recommended.

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